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Great work

This is my kind of animation

I don't want to jump to conclusions but if you -were- inspired by "Sometimes, Y" then I'm proud to have helped


MeaneyProductions responds:

hey man, yeah when i saw sometimes y and player to playa it made me want to make a mock trailer.. so your animations definately helped alot :D cheers

great animation!

acting was great

but the colours were so boring overall it was pretty unattractive

also it was too long, dragged on loads

but yeah, good work on the animation



I'm torn

theres some great attention to detail, amazing animation with the rolling hills at the start, I mean overall it looks great....

But the script, I found it lacking. This movie deserved to be sharper and wittier, its a shame, the jokes dragged and mostly felt flat and weird.

My advice would be to cut down your script into essentials and move the whole thing along faster

but yeah, some of it is really great


Granfaloon responds:

I agree man I'll start making shorter animations, but with more quality , in graphics and script.
Thaanks for the comment!


I loved it. you had a great grasp of how the robots should move, it was endearing to watch

the punchline at the end was wonderful, a positive message about Newgrounds too!


MarcyVF responds:

Thank you :) I redid many scenes to make the robot moves look better.

This is so amazing

I'm totally sold on this series now. Love the art, sound, voices, everything.

How do you make them so fast? Anyway keep it up!

(I just released AD8 - just for you)


The-Swain responds:

I just watched AD8 twice and I won't be reviewing it here - one more viewing before I let myself write my analysis in proper review format <3

And as far as I'm concerned the Mastermind will never harm England, so I can see your contentment there :D


I like the world you've created here. And the artwork of the mountain fortress from outside is really amazing.

In Film Studies class I wrote a tiny film about a training academy for supervillains and this kinda reminds me of that. Great work!

Much love for you, Swain <3

PS: Hopefully see you this summer at Comic-con



samsonloftin responds:

Thank you for the review,
Wow my first award and now I get a review from Dim. Woot!

I love you

Fantastic! I actually liked the pacing in this one more than the regular episodes. Great art and animation as usual.

Oh yeah, the backgrounds were amazing! Such inspiration!


PS: Blockhead spraying on the fairground sign is now the OFFICIAL backstory for that Grimoire background. Canon and everything, I have decided. I almost want to go back and edit him in.

The-Swain responds:

Inspiration huh? Tell that to Tom (Fulp, not brother) who seems to think I took the backgrounds directly from you :D

And I figured it was fair to spray paint all over that sign, considering we can't see the top of the clown archway in the game so I had to invent that billboard structure myself. It's mine to destroy as I see fit <3 But if Blockhead's destruction were to make it into a newspaper in the next Grimoire, or even just as a minor reference in the Grimoire world, I would consider this episode a success!

My jokes! ...I mean....powerups!

Plenty of potential here. Work on your scripts, make the dialogue more interesting, take out all the "oh wells".

Don't overdo the "comedy subtitles". One or two is fine but if they run all the way throughout then its distracting. To be honest the voices were recorded well enough, you didn't even need subtitles.

Get a more varied range of sound effects, too.

But, yeah, keep at it.


Shadowii2 responds:

yeah, this was made out of one joke so I couldnt get the script so good.

And maybe you are right with those comedy subtitles but I like to add subtitles because some people might not understand.

And for SFX Im just too lazy.

Thanks for the review anyway.


I loved it. Shameless video-game brilliance.

Mario in the bath? the workings of a genius. Great stuff!



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