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Hey Mike! I've been waiting for this one...

I really loved it. I felt it held together really neatly, more so than previous episodes definately. Great art, animation and script as usual.

I've been racing to get AD8 finished but you beat me. hehe


The-Swain responds:

Had to grab my shovel to dig up this review ;)

I still remember how insanely jealous I was when AD7 came out, so I hope this episode of Blockhead helped drive you to create an even more momentous toon than before. Make me jealous, Dim...please! I could desperately use the motivation :D


Yaaaaaay bandwagon!

Oh my, what has Dim started? I would do my own one, but I use an external editor for all my code, so different shortcuts. Plus I can't animate fast enough...

Anyways, awesome :3



You spent twice as long on this as I did on the original :P

Screw a good nights rest! there are Flashes to be made!
I use Ctrl + S after every elaborate drawing and before every "test scene" incase Flash randomly closes.

Tablet > Mouse



Very sweet Tom.

I'm afraid I'll have to disagree with you on one thing though. Luis didn't invent the collab! T0MMY did!



Wow Luis, this was awesome. You must work pretty quickly, I'm really impressed!

I loved seeing Blue Rabbit in there! I really liked the angle you had on his head when it fell to the ground. You've defined the shape very well.

The impact was doubled for me because I watched this while taking a short break from animating Another Day 8. hehe...


Luis responds:

its too cute. it had to die.


The perfection combination of TONS of great ideas, and really brilliant execution. I kept thinking "yeah this is funny, but how nice is it really gonna look?" But yeah, you kept suprising me.



Great stuff

You've really got some talent. I think they're feeding you guys something at Manwoods these days, I wasn't that good when I was your age. I hope you learnt at least -something- from my animation workshops!

Seriously, great work. I can suggest a couple of things for you...

try 'easing' your movement a little bit more. Put more drawings towards the end of the movement to slow it down naturally. Don't forget your anticipation movements and maybe a little follow-through on things like hair and clothes.

Oh, if you ever get the chance to do some life drawing (complain to Mrs Bradberry) make sure you do, it'll really help your animation.


The slickest sprite cartoon I've seen in years!

Wow. Seriously, what sprites were you using? that was easily the most entertaining sprite animation I've seen for a very long time. And you actually made me WANT to watch a possible Sonic vs Mario next time (normally the idea of another Mario/Sonic fight bores me to tears)

Great sound and music too. I had the bass turned up, and it really sounded awesome.

If I could suggest one improvement - it'd be to spend a little more time on the graphics that you draw yourself - like the holes in the ground when something smashes down. If you could perhaps make them look like sprites too, the whole thing would look better.


Loved it

The ultimate showdown was great, but it was crying out to be parodied. I really glad you stepped up to fill the void, this was awsome! I love the unpolished look, most likely because you didn't want to spend too much time on it, and I don't blame you. It still came out really funny though, good stuff.

BELIEVE IT! (or dattebayo if you're an older fan...)

PowerRangerYELLOW responds:

Thanks for the cool review I just might parody "your" Flash next. ;)


This was messy, and overall not great.

But theres definitely something here...........something in the mad pace, crazy music and insane voice acting. I liked how sometimes the subs didn't match the voices! I think the messiness contributed to this, but you still need to neaten up your art.

Keep working on your tweens - especially your walking cycles and I reckon you could come up with something truly great.

Plus, you get points for the Magic Knight Rayearth.


RogerregoRRoger responds:

I like messy and chaos, it's my style ^^
Enough neat other artists out there


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