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Not very original...

But seemingly well done. I liked the way Kirby died. But Link spoke! *gasp* doesn't he only ever say.......'TSOYYYYYYAAAA!!!!!'


This was the most satisfying Flash I have ever seen. The graphic style was perfected. The music was incredible. The story was genius. The characters are lovable and believable. This is our new favourite movie of all time. Thanks.


gel responds:

Thanks guys! I enjoy your movies/games as well. To be your favorite movie of all time means a lot!

I liked it

I dont know if you remember writing the review for our SSBM, but it was a good one, so heres one back :)

I found this movie to have a real charm to it. Whilst its true its largely text, it almost gives the feel of a comic strip, and the drawings were really cool. there was a suprising amount too, and i kept expecting it to end, but it didnt :)

Why not try some new characters for the next one, of your own design?


Yoshi-lord responds:

Hey, thanks buddy, I liked your flashes too, ever thought of putting Yoshi in your next Melee flash?

I will have new characters in my next flash, a bit like normal Nintendo characters going super, gaining new abilities and new names, like Yoshi-lord, GreatSaiyaKirby, Pharoachu and possibly others too. :)

Stay tuned, I enjoy recieving E-mails too.

Very limited...

Well, the stick animation was so-so. Keep working at it. I liked the randomness of the attacks, like the cards into the melon. But...There was a lot missing. The music wasn't very battley. I wish I could use that chicken attack in Smash Bros.

Hey hey!

That was great. The sound effects were spot on! I really enjoyed that. I would say do more...but its difficult to improve on the concept you seem to have mastered there. nice one.


A 10! from me! thats rare.

This was one of the most enjoyable Flash movies I have ever watched. I don't know exactly why I liked it as a whole so much, but it felt very nicely put together. The whole meaning of life stuff was really interesting, and I agree with you on many of the points you made. then, it changed and became funny and weird! I just loved every second of it. Fantastic. Please bring out something else like this! if you want to that is...



For such a short movie, it really had me sucked in. The art was beautiful and suited the style perfectly, the animation was flawles, and the way you used the sound so well was excelent.

On top of that, there was something else, I'm not sure what, but it was so enjoyable that I had to review it, and I hardly ever write reviews.

The humour was subtle, but was expertly applied to the movie, especially Big Death putting his thumb up, wonderfull stuff.

Oh, and Young Death is so cute!



I liked the way you got all the different kinds of sticks in there. I'm pretty sure I saw Johnny Rocketfingers! he's far too 'sup' to get shot, surely. Good stuff.


I saw the first a while back, and thought it was pretty good, but this ones really great. I liked the way it was so free with the graphics, it kept changing style all the time! that made it interesting to watch. I also thought the voice acting was better than most movies! "Not now, can't you see I'm trying to enjoy some rice-cream?"

T0MMY responds:

Glad to get a review from The_Super_Flash_Bros - I enjoyed some of your work as well.
Hey, if you ever need some help on a project, just e-mail me. If I'm not too busy I'll try to help out.
Thanks for the review.
Your name is really cool.



I really enjoyed this, the side scrolling style was really nicely done. The fight scene at the end was as good as any Xiao Xiao! or nearly, anyway. It had humour too! Keep doing sticks, you've got a real talent.

anyone ever play 'Dynamite Headdy'? there was a level near the end called 'Twin Freaks' that moved just like that. I never got past that level....


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