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Heya Jo! great work. Sorry I haven't been online much (at all!) recently.
That was awesome.

Nice title too. Lets hope there will be yet another.....another....day....... >_<

I've forgotten how to write reviews!



This was a great satirical look on those Japanese monster-trading-lets-have-fun shows. The voice acting was really well done, and the characters were original - I loved the sexually confused nemesis. Hehe, nice one.

I'm really looking forward to the sequel!

Super Flash Bros


Very funny stuff. Kung fu was the best! I wish I knew kung fu.

The funniest egg is when you click Gel's head through the wall and it makes the same sound as his rear did......heeheehee

So simple, fun to watch.



Awesome! I loved the first one to bits and I was so excited watching this one. I've been playing Metroid Prime 2 today actually, so I'd had my memory refreshed for all the references.

The Sailors on the Moon joke..........well, what can I say? cracked me up completely.

I gave you 9 for interactivity, because although it was a movie, you put a bunch of interactive stuff and bonus features in there. Thats what we like to see o_o

Nice 3D claws! looked a lot nicer than last time. The only thing I'd say is - the line colour for the claws was different to the arms (obviously you know this) but if you could change that, it'd look even better.

Whats next from Lesser Raven?


I really love these cartoons.

I watched all the others a while ago - I was very pleased to see a new one had come out.

Theres an innocence about these that really works with the style - I'm not sure what it is exactly, but I get the feeling that if you improved the graphics much further, it might ruin the cartoon...

Plus some of the jokes were great - the Birth Certificate one especially made me laugh.

I love the randomness of Cactuar - like when he's walking down the road and he wears a hat............why not?

excellent stuff, keep 'em coming.


Really really great!

I think this is fantastic. I'm so pleased to see how fast you're improving - its very important that you keep producing Flash movies!
Story, voices, music, art, animation - all lovely. It was perhaps a bit awkward that your funniest joke was right near the beginning ("Whats the weak spot NOW Navi!?") but still, awesome.

All the voices were great! Saria's voice fitted really well, as did Links..............and the Deku Tree ;) very nice.

As a peice of critical analysis.........I'd say:
- Go over your spelling in the subtitles (a minor point)
- Improve your running cycle

Keep it up!

Super Flash Bros
(voice of the Deku Tree!)

"I own the Moon"

Very nicely put together! I'm always aprehensive about short Video Game movies, but I was pleasently suprised by this one! The voices were crisp and clear, the poses and animation were neat and tidy. For what it was, this was excellent. The main joke was simple, but nicely presented.

It was also really great hearing that old Sonic music again..........makes me wanna load up my Mega Drive.........

Please please please keep working with Flash!


You know what?

I've always wanted to make something like this (i.e a cool fbf free animation with things morphing into each other, like "Sketch Dog")
But I never really had enough ideas. Your fbf is very neat actually. Admittedly morphing is easier that actually animating characters, but I reckon you could do a lot more with the skills I've seen here.
Plus its sweet to see someone making something for someone else. Keep up the fbf work! (NG needs more good fbf)



I found this REALLY funny - especially for a first full Flash. It made me laugh out loud several times, and the music was great too.
Superb stuff! the funniest bit was when Snake dodged the missiles while in the cardboard box.
good work with head movement and artwork!
Super Flash Bros

smiffy-uk responds:

I'm glad you like it Dim!

Quite lovely really

Graphics were stunning, I really liked the variety of background styles, all of which were great. I also thought the faces were fantastically drawn, especially since human faces are so hard to do.

I thought the way you leave it to the viewer to find their own meaning, rather than tell them the meaning for you first, was great, as it allows people to really see the movie for what it is.

Dim liked the way you could see construction lines from some of the backgrounds, it looked really stylish.

Overall, a must see movie, recommended to everyone. Great work, and I hope we'll see a lot more of your stuff soon!


AloneInTheDark responds:

Woohoo! A review from 2 of my favorite flash artists. Thanks alot for the review. Drawing has always been my no 1 hobby in life and especially drawing people. Im glad u could noticed the backgrounds too. Alot of artists nowadays seem to ignore the background aspect, while it is crucial since it creates the entire atmosphere of the movie i think (together with music and sound fx). Thanks alot for the review gentlemen and keep up the good work yourselves too! Looking forward to the projects you two are working on!


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