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Really split reveiws!

half of the ppl say its the funniest thing on NG, and the other half say its awful! I think these cartoons are funny, but only a little bit. The humour has its limits, and especially since nearly all of them are the same. I enjoyed watching it, but only cos the squirrel was funny, with the cheese and stuff. Try and go for a new edge. Make a full length clip perhaps.

An inspiration

This is the movie that started me off. I was shown this movie by a friend, and at that moment, i thought "I want to be able to do that!" so i learned flash.

Its a truely great movie, bringing together fantastic characatures, great music and a unique sense of humour. Even months after i saw it for the first time, it still makes me smile (and thats a rare event). One of the NG classics, for sure.


Good for a teaser :)

Hi :)
This wasnt bad at all. Like the style and i hope to see more of the Ninja Bunny soon.
Maybe the second piece of music could be cut down a little, because the file size is still a little large for the length.
The movie should be great, and possibly a game could be in the works?


I loved it!

For a first flash as well! the animation was superb, and you took no shortcuts, like most first time animators! the music went very well with it. The ending was grim, but still slightly amusing, in an odd violent way! keep it up!

Not bad at all.

Well, for a first animation, this was really great. I was expecting something a lot worse. Naming it 'first animation' probably didn't help, though. Your art was great! the bird, tree and snake all look good. Try to make it all a little bit less messy though, for instance when the snake when back into the tree, it simply disappeared, so you might want to learn about mask layers. Still, you have more potential than most new animators. Keep at it, I'll keep an eye out for your stuff.

Unique style!

Kirby kirby everywhere, and not a drop to drink...
so many kirby entrys recently! most are good, and this is no exception. I like the psuedo-3D style, but next time put in a background, so that the lines of the shape blend in with the black.
Keep up the good work!

KrakaKirby responds:

W00t i got my movie reviewed by the super flash bros.! your movies rock especially super smush bros.! go kirby!

Sorry about the 5s

this didnt do anything on my comp, just came up with the "send to a friend!" banner. just thought you should know, + maybe you could fix it.

Xeran responds:

At my and every one elses cpu it works... weird....

Very different

As you and anyone with two braincells to rub together must realise, this movie is very different in style to your other two submissions. I just wonder why you went for this song. Was it inspiring to you, did you realy like chinese people, or just random choice?
Anyway, great movie + i felt the last review shouldnt be up here forever.


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