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The-Super-Flash-Bros's News

Posted by The-Super-Flash-Bros - October 26th, 2008

Well, enough of you wanted this. We're announcing something...

Detective Grimoire 2!

Yup. Its well into production, but being a massive awesome point and click adventure game with fully voiced script, its taking some time!

we posted about it and a lot of other stuff, including another big game that we're woking on, at our site!


so, the emails can change from "will you make a sequel" to, "when is the sequel finished"



Ask and ye shall receive

Posted by The-Super-Flash-Bros - August 9th, 2008

Yeah, I know, Comic Con is SOOO 2 weeks ago. But what with Dim moving to a new flat with no internet yet, and me catching up on a lot of sleep, we've not had the time to post about it until now.

This year was incredible! While last year was a lot more about hanging out with the Newgrounds staff, this time we met up with a load of NG artists. I'm pretty sure we met everyone on Ross' list. Just like last year, I was struck by how great everyone was. Every single person I met, I would love to hang out with again.

Monday 21st July

We arrived in San Diego on Monday evening, after a 15 hour flight. We thought about finding a cinema to see The Dark Knight, but in the end, we just went to bed.

Tuesday 22nd July

The next day, we headed downtown to the shops, since everything is so cheap out there. I don't think I bought anything, but Dim loaded up with clothes, having not brought many in his suitcase. Then we went to see The Dark Knight and Wall-e. Both were amazing by the way, go see them if you havn't.

Hans called us up on my newly aquired mobile, needing a place to stay for the night until Dan turned up the next day and we were happy to let him kip on our hotel room chair. Super comfy! I think we all got to bed at about 4am in the end.

Wednesday 23rd July

The next day, after tearful goodbyes with Hans, Dim and I cheered ourselves up with a trip to the zoo! There were big amnimals and lions and tigers and polarbears and pandas and everything! Our little sister is/was a big fan of pandas so the panda-themed gift shop supplied all our gifting needs. We didn't get the notebook made from recycled panda poo though.

We spoke to Hans again after we got back and he was downtown with Ross, Kira, Dan and Chris in his hotel. We walked forever to reach it (yeah, only 7 blocks Hans!) so when we arrived, we were out of breath and perhaps even a little sweaty? We all zipped across town to the airport, since Arin was flying in. Dim, Hans and I made it there first. I was great to finally meet Arin in person, Dim's worked with him via the power of the internet for quite a long time.

We all agreed we were hungry, but that going back into town was too much hassle. I can't remember who it was but some smart person suggested going to the food court at the airport. MacDonalds was the only thing open when we arrived but I think everyone was just so tired and hungry, we let our standards slip and enjoyed (hah!) some quality traditional American food. Jake started ringing everyone with us from wherever he was, I think at one point he managed to call everyone in order from left to right. He didn't have my number yet, so I felt left out.

After the tasty food, Dan and Hans invited us all back to their hotel. Kira had a Wii and SSBB, so it's not hard to guess what happened next. I got my ass kicked lots (I didn't have brawl yet at that point), Dim did well though. Arin was far too good, as was Kira. And Hans. Ok, everyone but me. Eventually the humiliation became too much and we went back to our hotel to get enough sleep for the first con day.

Thursday 24th July

Dim and I did the same thing as last year when we got into the con center - a slow, methodical sweep from one end of the hall to the next, looking at everything and buying lots! This year the NG/Behemoth booth was at the very far end, which was handy - we were ready to just stand around chatting with people by the time we got there. Tom was there of course, as were the Behemoth guys and some familiar NG face. Thats when we bumped into Jake, who was really cool - I hadn't had the chance to talk much with him last year.

Wanting to do something other than wandering around the con floor, Dim and I spotted in the guide that they were having Pokemon card tournaments upstairs. Dim still plays, but I hadn't played for quite some time! After a quick translation from Arin (turns out he loves playing too) we figured out that we needed to take along our own decks and so quickly found a booth selling theme decks, picked random ones and ran upstairs to register. We didn't do too well, but I got hooked just like old times, so whilst I stayed on to enter another 2 tournaments Dim wandered back down and randomly found Laura, who we knew from last year.

After the con, we went with Laura and her brother Lewis (of nearly-killing-people-with-a-stick fame - not Luis though) to Fred's, where we'd gone with the NG staff last year, for some food. We walked back to the con center, and went with everyone to watch films in one of the showing rooms. I promptly fell asleep while watching AvP2. When I woke up, my instincts kicked in and I searched out the nearest bar and had a drink with Lewis. Dim STILL can't drink in America (seriously guys, sort that out) so he had to mill about. Still being tired, I finally decided to go back to the hotel and sleep.

Friday 25th July

Friday was filled with finishing off the rest of the con floor I hadn't covered the previous day, looking at some booths in more detail, being stopped by random cosplaying girls because of my accent, meeting more NG folk - including Luis, Matt and Shawn - and drinking a lot of water.

I don't remember it all that well and I'm quite certain that's because of the amazing party that night. I'm sure you've read a lot about it being the highlight of people's trips - its the same for us! I was able to sample the very tasty Catle Crashers cocktails, chat with some of the guys and girls I hadn't found yet, like Rog, David and Chase, play some Mario Kart, watch the epic pinata fun, have more girls talk to me about my accent (I have a personality too you know!) and generally have an amazing time with everyone.

After the party, there was some bar action. Dim had to retire to the hotel, since he wouldn't be let in anyway. So a sizable group of us went to the bar down the road from last year. When we got there, they were just ringing it for last orders (while you're sorting the age problem, you might want to take a look at that too?) We go some drinks in though. Once they were done, most people disappeared off into the night. A core group of us stayed on - myself, Ross, Arin and Tom Fulp himself. We tried to find a bar that was still open, but no luck. Ross and I entertained ourselves for a short while flirting like crazy with the very lovely Amy in an England v Australia hit-on-off - I have to bow to Ross' ever so slightly superior skills, on that night at least! Tom suggested his hotel bar might be open, which is when we found out that Tom 'moneybags' Fulp was staying at the Marriott right next to the con center. The bar wasn't open after all but that didn't stop us from staying up until after 4am chatting and having a D+M (Ross' term, ask him)

Saturday 26th July

We didn't have passes for Saturday at the con, so the next day Dim and my very tired self caught the trolley to the out of town mall for the afternoon for a bit of retail therapy. Dan from Armor Games arrived in town that evening, along with Tony and fiance Lucy, and Ido. We just about made it back into town to meet them for dinner at TGI Fridays. Dan and I had talked about getting a friendly poker game going before the con, so I rounded up some people who wanted to play and we went to Dan's very fancy hotel room. The poker was fun, and I just lost out on first place, being eventually crushed by Arins huge stack. Arin wanted to play Dim at Pokemon cards, so the rest of us ordered up drinks and watched the devastation - Dim only had his theme deck from the tornament after all. Dan and Hans were having a party in their hotel, so Arin, Dim and I got a bike-taxi-thing over there, only to find things winding down and all the beer gone! Arin suggested a game called Munchkin, which turned out to be loads of fun - probably because I won, beginners luck perhaps? In the first hand, I literally got a card that gave me a big advantage just for being called Tom! Meanwhile, Hand was showing off his ass to the NG webcam, and licking Dan's sleeping face.

Sunday 27th July

The final day of the con was a little more relaxed. Dim and I met our official number one fan - Joyce! She was the first one to send us fan art, and the first to buy a shirt from our store - she wore it that day. I went off to go buy a bunch of stuff from various booths that I'd had my eye on, and when I got back, there were loads of the NG guys around the booth. We all decided to grab some food, and for lack of a better idea, I took them to the food court at the downtown mall.

Kira wanted to do some post-con video interviews, and I suggested that we use the lobby of Dan's hotel, where we'd been the previous night for poker. We mingled our way there, with brief stops for Wendy's and cigs. Dan, Tony, Lucy and Ido could only stay for a short while before leaving to drive back up to Irvine, so Kira got their interviews done and we said goodbye. That left about 15 of us sitting about in the lobby of the hotel which now, no-one from our group was staying at! Ross and I went for a beer or 5 at the hotel bar, Kira did her interviews, some other guys turned up, including Ryan and everyone just wound down from a really hectic few days. We all stayed until around midnight before saying our final farewells and taking cabs back to our respective hotels.

Dim and I caught another reeeeeally long flight home and then slept. A lot.


Special thanks to Dan (of Armor Games) who payed for everything for the second year in a row. We owe the whole thing to you! Also to Tom for having such amazing users on your site, and whoever organised the Behemoth party (I think Tom said it was Tim?). Oh, and everyone we met too!

Here are some lovely pictures from Dim and I

And some from Dan too


Comic Con 2008

Posted by The-Super-Flash-Bros - July 18th, 2008

Hey guys,

You may have noticed we have two new games in the portal recently!

Blue Rabbit's FreeFall is a top-down parachuting game featuring all of Blue Rabbit's friends too. I'm particularly proud of the 3D cloud effects in this one, even though most people won't even notice them, since they're too busy watching everything else. Oh well, you should still play it!

Creekwood Forest is a little different to your usual Newgrounds content, but don't let the pastel colours and cute woodland creatures fool you - underneath lies an intense skil/puzzle game that will test you reactions and memory!

We've got another new game coming up really soon too, so look out for that in the next few days.

Comic Con
So Dim and I are going to be at San Diego Comic Con again this year. Last year was incredible, and this year promises to be even better! There are so many great people going, we can't fail to have a good time.

Last year, we got quite a few people asking for some sort of business card, or the address of our site. We went to a print shop in San Diego at the time to ask about getting some printed up, and they quoted us a 2-3 week turnaround! This year, I'm ahead of the game, and I've had some cards printed up. Dim designed them and wow, they came out so well! The feel of them is incredible, the subtle text, the simple layout...

/* */

New Games + Comic Con

Posted by The-Super-Flash-Bros - July 10th, 2008


Hey guys,

You may or may not know, I work full time in the Flash games industry these days, with a great company here in the UK. Right now, we're looking to hire a few new people, but in particular an ActionScript 3 programmer and a talented illustrator/animator. Here are the details if you'd like to appy. Alternatively, you can send your details to me in a PM and I'll forward them on.

In other news, Dim and I have some great games coming out in the next few weeks, so look out for them really soon! We're both going out to Comic Con in San Diego in a couple of weeks to meet up with the usual hoarde of Newgrounds people, looking forward to that! If you're going, see you there :D

#UPDATE# We've just released Blue Rabbit's FreeFall to the portal! Go play it now, vote, leave a review, all that fun stuff!



A position has arisen for an experienced Actionscript games programmer within one of the UK's largest gaming companies. The candidate must have exceptional Actionscript 3 and 2 skills and an excellent understanding of Object Orientated Programming. Knowledge of Touchscreen development, XML Sockets and Adobe AIR would be advantageous.

Previous experience within the online gaming industry is also highly desirable but raw talent will be recognized over experience. The candidate must be highly motivated and a quick learner as they will be joining a well established and high performing team.

The successful candidate will be programming both on and off-line games in Actionscript 3 for a variety of systems and supporting Actionscript 2 games and will benefit from working for the UK's largest gaming company which offers excellent benefits including a generous bonus scheme, healthcare, training and excellent future career prospects.



SALARY & BENEFITS: Competitive
Based in Woking, Surrey, England


You will be a skilled Flash Artist/ 3D Artist/ Animator with a strong visual portfolio that speaks for itself. Your key skills and experience include:

- The ability to produce from detailed guidelines and concepts
- Proficiency in Flash CS3 illustration and animation
- 3DSMax (or any Industry standard 3D packages) (OPTIONAL)
- The ability to draw manually as the role will require you to submit sketches and design layout for approval

You will be an enthusiastic team member able to work independently and as part of a team with great communication skills.

A strong portfolio demonstrating traditional techniques (drawing manually) and computer techniques is essential.

If you are interested in applying for this role, please forward your CV and a covering letter including salary expectations to ecommerce.humanresources [ a t ] galacoral.com.

Alternatively, you can post or fax your application to:

The Recruitment Officer, HR Department
Eurobet House, 10 - 24 Church Street West, Woking, Surrey, GU21 6HT
Facsimile: +44 (0) 1483 722-979

Posted by The-Super-Flash-Bros - May 20th, 2008

Hey folks!
We released a brand new game this morning;

James the Pirate Zebra

I really think its the best James game so far, we had a lot of fun designing it too.

As a nod to one of our favourite NG games, and in fact the origin of James' design, we included a cameo from a very special giraffe, courtesy of Monkokio and TheBBQ. Thanks!

-Dim & Tom

P.S Can anyone beat Dan Roche's hi-score of 67,593? He actually emailed us to apologise for killing the game by getting such a good score, hahaha

New Zebra game!

Posted by The-Super-Flash-Bros - April 5th, 2008

I finally finshed Another Day 8. I started work on it just as AD7 was released, which was January 2006! Thats terrible, really. But I'm very happy to have it finished. Its my favourite Another Day so far, definately. Go check it out!


I wrote a production diary on and off over the course of the 2 and a bit years I took to make this. The gaps in the diary pretty much represent the gaps in the work schedule. A lot of things got in the way, like Decline and Armor Games. Haha...

Production Diary

I'll try and get it up as a real page on SuperFlashBros.net eventually. I've got some "making of" bits and pieces too...

Thanks to everyone here and NG for all their patience and support, my friends and family too - and to Jo for her music.


Another Day Eight!

Posted by The-Super-Flash-Bros - December 31st, 2007

Thanks to every single person who emailed me about TSAH3. I've had a great response and its really nice to see so many new artists appearing from within Newgrounds.

Anyway RubberNinja and I went through all the entries. We made our decisions based on a number of factors, so I hope everyone can be happy with the result. Here is the final TSAH3 team!

Myself (Dim, Super Flash Bros)

Dan Berry (of "HALOMEN" fame)

AlmightyHans (of "It's a Halo Thing" fame)

Mike Hutton


So once again thanks to everyone who sent in a Master Chief model and I'll try and keep everyone posted with how this project is progressing!


TSAH3 announced!

Posted by The-Super-Flash-Bros - December 22nd, 2007

Hello everyone! We hope you're all enjoying your holidays, if you've got them. I'm home from University at the moment and I'm getting some serious gaming in....mainly Mario Galaxy. about 78 stars so far!

Thanks for the good reception (front page, daily 1st) with James the Beach Zebra. If you haven't played it yet, check it out!
We know its a summer game in the middle of winter. Sometimes things just work out like that (i.e badly) and sometimes they work out well - Spirit Guide was supposed to come out in the summer too, but it got delayed until we realised it was Halloween!

I am very sorry for everyone who was still not heard back. I am now announcing the DEADLINE for sending in Master Cheifs. You must send me a .fla file of your Master Chief character model (to flashbros@gmail.com) by 30th December.
Remember, include information about yourself and what other stuff you've done (including links) to increase your chances.

On the 30th, or before, I'll get back to anyone who has emailed and tell them the final decision. I need this deadline as much as you guys do.


Merry Christmas! (plus actual news)

Posted by The-Super-Flash-Bros - October 26th, 2007

Hey guys. Sorry for not updating recently. I guess theres been a little bit of a communication breakdown between myself and Tom during my first few weeks of University. But things are picking up again now. Ok, onto the news!


Yes, I am planning to make it. But I don't want to rush into it. I want to give everyone a chance to actually play the game, maybe once or twice. I will probably start recruiting in a few weeks.


I've decided to make a bit of an event out of this. If you want in, what you'll need to do is this:

--Make a (Halo 3) Master Chief character model in Flash. That means seperating the legs, arms, body etc via symbols.

--Then send us (flashbros@gmail.com) the .FLA file (thats the FLASH file, NOT the .swf file)

--My favourite Chief models (not neccessarily the BEST, but the ones I like the most) will be picked to be in TSAH3 and we'll get in contact with you. This kinda makes it exciting, right? Also, if you've got other work on Newgrounds that you can link to, that'd be a GREAT HELP and may well help us come to a decision.

Oh, and don't get annoyed if disagree with entering this way, or if I don't pick your Master Chief model. You're perfectly free to make anything you want and submit it to Newgrounds! But the TSAH series belongs to me and RubberNinja :P

If you want tips for making character models, you can check out my character model tutorials. But I want every Flash animator to have had some experience with this kind of anmation before, so you should know how to get started, at least.

I will anounce a deadline a little later on.

In other news, our good buddy The Swain released a new movie yesterday - Blockhead Ghostmas Special. Not only is it super awesome, it features some very familiar backgrounds...

K, more news soon, I promise!



Posted by The-Super-Flash-Bros - September 11th, 2007

Hey all,

This weekend just gone, Dim and I met up with a load of NG regulars in London for an awesome geek-out session! The main reason us UK guys finally got our act together was that Luis came to visit, so thanks to Luis for making it all happen :)

Hi to everyone that we met, especially the guys who crashed at mine and played vieo games late into the night, dELta really does love Guitar Hero too much...

I've put up the pics Dim and I took over the three days, go check them out:

NG UK Regs Meetup Pics

I really love meeting other NG artists. Comicon this year was awesome, as was meeting RubberNinja, Nef and Nalo a few years ago in London. There's no way I'm waiting for an '08 meetup, so if anyone has any ideas or cunning plans for UK, or even European meetups, I'm all ears!


(SFB-Dim, Luis, dELtaluca, The-EXP, morbid-giggle, JPI, SFB-Tom, Mogly, zoy, KaynSlamDyke, Kirk-Cocaine, FloppyDiskClock)

NG Meetup Pics