2007-10-26 12:11:10 by The-Super-Flash-Bros

Hey guys. Sorry for not updating recently. I guess theres been a little bit of a communication breakdown between myself and Tom during my first few weeks of University. But things are picking up again now. Ok, onto the news!


Yes, I am planning to make it. But I don't want to rush into it. I want to give everyone a chance to actually play the game, maybe once or twice. I will probably start recruiting in a few weeks.


I've decided to make a bit of an event out of this. If you want in, what you'll need to do is this:

--Make a (Halo 3) Master Chief character model in Flash. That means seperating the legs, arms, body etc via symbols.

--Then send us (flashbros@gmail.com) the .FLA file (thats the FLASH file, NOT the .swf file)

--My favourite Chief models (not neccessarily the BEST, but the ones I like the most) will be picked to be in TSAH3 and we'll get in contact with you. This kinda makes it exciting, right? Also, if you've got other work on Newgrounds that you can link to, that'd be a GREAT HELP and may well help us come to a decision.

Oh, and don't get annoyed if disagree with entering this way, or if I don't pick your Master Chief model. You're perfectly free to make anything you want and submit it to Newgrounds! But the TSAH series belongs to me and RubberNinja :P

If you want tips for making character models, you can check out my character model tutorials. But I want every Flash animator to have had some experience with this kind of anmation before, so you should know how to get started, at least.

I will anounce a deadline a little later on.

In other news, our good buddy The Swain released a new movie yesterday - Blockhead Ghostmas Special. Not only is it super awesome, it features some very familiar backgrounds...

K, more news soon, I promise!




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2007-10-26 12:20:05

Can't wait for TSAH3


2007-10-26 12:20:34

ayayayayayaayayy it was only a matter of time!!! after that decline 3 please?


2007-10-26 12:28:43

Heh, that sounds awesome even though I dont like Halo that much.

Hope it comes out well.


2007-10-26 13:48:38

yayz more tsah fun


2007-10-26 14:48:07

Mkae another decline of video gaming :'[


2007-10-26 14:56:55

Mkae something that doesn't involve games and isn't a game itself. :'[

Hehe, looking forward to it.


2007-10-26 15:03:30

Oh Shi- This should be good.


2007-10-26 15:46:53

Damn, I've never played Halo 3...

Oh well, good luck with your upcoming projects.


2007-10-26 15:50:19

I'm gonna make a really great part with a lot of fbf and generic ng video game humor I promise!11


2007-10-26 17:03:20

Just completed it half an hour ago and started again on Legendary.

and what a coincidence, I told my friend yesterday that I would try to apply for TSAH3 if it were to be made... so... I think you know where I'm going with this.

Anyway, execpt an epic Master Chief from me in the near future :D


2007-10-26 18:13:26

So do they have to be fully tweenable models or something? Cos you know how rough those NG folks are about tweening. Not to mention that Master Chief has to be one of the most difficult characters to apply to different styles.


2007-10-26 18:19:59

I wanna be in Tsa-hahahahhahaha nah even im too good for that shit


2007-10-26 18:21:46

It's times like this I wish I was a better animator and artist. D=

Decline 4 next please. </3


2007-10-26 18:53:53

Woot. Looking forward to it.


2007-10-26 19:15:39

Can't wait! More humor I hope!


2007-10-27 09:02:59


*opens flash + google*



2007-10-27 12:23:24

wow, i want wonchop to be in it a lot!


2007-10-27 12:49:36

I'll be sending over a Master Chief Model soon. I did have one which you can see in one of my flash "No frikkin games" although computer formatted and I don't have it so I'll create a new one.


2007-10-27 18:37:12

im almost done with mine, just gotta draw the lower legs and then ill be done!


2007-10-28 04:42:35

SFB Exclusive: Click the "Cartoon by Michael Swain" text to see a character from Detective Grimoire in awe of Blockhead's idiocy. :)

The-Super-Flash-Bros responds:



2007-10-28 07:43:55

i sent my 'chief to you :D i made it spin to show you it from all angles, hope i get in :d


2007-10-28 17:14:52

Hey will there ever be another NGJAM? I know tommy used to organise them, but if you are ever hosting another, i'll definitely be a part of it. I think they were the most awesome collabs on this website

The-Super-Flash-Bros responds:

Heya! yeah I'll get round to organising NGJam 4 again at some point. And yeah, you were already a part of it! ;)


2007-10-28 19:46:18



2007-10-28 20:01:28

awesome, ill work on one model soon, i got this style ive being working for a while and i might try em out =D


2007-10-29 05:11:04

Cant wait


2007-10-30 08:24:36

As soon as i heard that update, i opened up flash animated an awesome MasterChief in less than like 3 hours :p!!!! check your inbox, mine is definatly one of the best!!!

hope the upcomming projects go well...


2007-10-30 17:52:51

Glad to see you're making animations again. I like your games and all that stuff, but I love your animations. I sent my model like 2 hours after I saw this.


2007-10-30 17:54:59

Oh, and one question, can we send more than one model?

The-Super-Flash-Bros responds:

of course


2007-10-30 21:29:14

I can't wait to see how this one comes out!

By the way, how's the forum situation looking?


2007-10-31 07:58:08

Wow, this is gonna be sweet! I'm gonna be drawing a master chief now! lol one question. Is there any dead line to drawing these? also, when sending the .fla of Master Chief, can we make him do an action or something? not animated, but for example, a still editable picture of the master chief looking at cortanas tits and cortana shouting "YOU PERV!"? lol xP

Anyway, can't wait till TSAH3 :)


2007-10-31 16:17:32

that's awesome, i'm gonna work my ass off for this, i want this more then anyone so i really hope i make it in :D


2007-10-31 20:54:46

Hope you can top TSAH2


2007-11-01 13:07:27

tis the evil laugh


2007-11-01 15:53:12

yeah, ill send a try. Why the fuck not?


2007-11-01 16:09:21

OK, I sent my MC model in, hope you like it.


2007-11-01 17:02:02

What if i want to join not to animate, but to script write wnd voice act, since my animation would never be good enough, but i can voice act and script write to some extent? How would i go about that?


2007-11-01 18:27:40

I can't wait for TSAH3 to come out. But remember, don't rush!


2007-11-01 21:16:33

Am I doing something?

I had no idea it was being announced.. In fact I had no idea this was happening until today.

The-Super-Flash-Bros responds:

Haha, sorry! I kept trying to catch you on MSN to chat to you about it but with no avail. Obviously if you want to help out you're more than welcome and if you can do a part you've got instant access! It won't be happening for a while, I just wanted to say I am gonna make it and stop all the questioning emails! :P

I haven't even made MY character model yet!


2007-11-02 08:45:18

Sweet, I might have to try this, also whens the deadline?


2007-11-02 19:33:53

I love you man (men), keep a place for me! I'm bringin' you some Spartan graphics!!!


2007-11-03 05:12:39

TSAH anthor gr8 thing i dident know u made cuz i love it lol


2007-11-03 07:22:09

whould like to enter but i have flash animate softwere but can draw like a pro


2007-11-04 20:01:38

I'm making the ultimate model, its awsome.


2007-11-04 20:09:37

It sounds great, I can't wait for TSAH3 to come out. Damn, I wish I had Flash...


2007-11-05 10:13:59

Third time's the charm! :D


2007-11-05 12:55:03

I'd like to know if i can voice act or script write WITHOUT submitting a MC model.


2007-11-05 15:53:34

Wow awesome, TSAH3, wow. I might try and make a Master Chief model, well, I already made one for a Halo flash I never did so if I spice that up a bit I'll send it in. :3


2007-11-05 19:23:59

My frail organic body will not be able to cope with this in any shape or form.
I'm staying well away from this. Best of luck to you though Dim. Hope something fantastic rises out of this little slice of chaos.

The-Super-Flash-Bros responds:

Thanks for the kind words. Sure you don't want to give it a go?


2007-11-07 11:07:24

Might give it a try. But how do you know the person who made the model didn't just do a good job tracing, but can't animate well?


2007-11-07 12:24:04

hello what is the frame rate and stage size its IMPORTANT