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Detective Grimoire trailer and website!

Posted by The-Super-Flash-Bros - July 19th, 2011

We have a brand new trailer for our upcoming mystery adventure game, Detective Grimoire! It shows of some of the story, some music, some characters, some menus and some puzzles!

The trailer can be viewed on our new official website for the game, DetectiveGrimoire.com

Right now I'm being sent lots of voice acting from various talented voice actors, including Arin "Egoraptor" Hanson and Josh Tomar. I'm animating the conversations in the game, it's coming together very well, they are fun to watch back and should be bringing a lot of a life to a dialogue-based game like this one. The original Flash game only have a few grunts and sighs, so we've moved on a lot since then!


Detective Grimoire trailer and website!


This is looking fantastic! Love the backgrounds and the liveliness of the characters. Can't wait to see the final product.

Edwyn's been telling me a LOT about this project, can't wait to see it finished! SO wish I could've been involved somehow.

Thanks! :) there's always the sequel! ;)

Great! Can't wait to play it on my iPad :)

great art, killer cast, can't wait :D


feedback on this trailer: I would've cut off like the first 40 seconds. Using a mysterious cold open in a--- like a CINEMA trailer is fine when you've got everyone sitting still; but in an environment where pepole can skip it, or close the window, or do something else, I was just dieing for it to kick in.
Everything from 1 minute onwards is great: good characters, good music, detectives, mystery, puzzles, coming soon- perfect. The second half of it's perfect.

Anyway congrats on makin a real-ass videogame!

I just love mysterious cold opens :)

Looks fantastic, cant wait.

This is why I want to get so much better at digital art and flash. So that in the future I could have the opportunity to work with cool people on sick projects like this. Hey if the sequel isn't going to come out for 4 or 5 years count me in ;)

Decline 5 thx

seriously guys you have outdone yourselves. I would love to see this on the iphone hell even on the pc like on steam. Point and click fans would go crazy for this. Great job.

Why did you change Detective Grimoire's look? D:

I loved the first detective grimoire, can't wait for this one.

When is the release date??!! Can't wait!! I hope it releases at 1st August!!

Awesome! Looking forward to this. The first game was super! :)

Oh I was waiting for another one of these games and with such a celebrity cast I might explode

Looking good! Not too bothered about the difference in the art style myself. And voice acting too! I really liked the first game, but those grunts and sighs and whatnot were rather irritating.

Does this sequel have a version of that eye contact interrogation thingy?