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Detective Grimoire 2

Posted by The-Super-Flash-Bros - December 6th, 2010

I'm not sure we're using the "2" for the title but I thought that was the most enticing name for this post :)

I've been putting more artwork up over at the Detective Grimoire Blog

We have a second artist involved for the first time ever, a very talented friend from my University days (last year) and she's producing the background art. Its really beautiful and there are a lot of great sketches and colour tests to get you excited!

And there are some characters from me, as well :)


P.S Thanks for all the Haunt-The-House love, we'll make a sequel next Halloween, okay? x

Detective Grimoire 2

Comments (8)

The art looks really interesting. I am pumped for this. :)

Thanks! me too

Love the first one, excited to see what's to come in the second installment. Awesome!

So much is to come!

Wow, the style changed a lot! And for the best, in my opinion.

It's just so... beautiful to look at. Really unique.

Thankyou very much!

I simply loved the first one. Let me just say that I can't wait.

Me neither :)

This is gonna be one awesome looking game... Great designs!

Thanks Tom Fulp! if you could find space to put a link in a news post I'd be ever so grateful :)

Looking really cool guys, I love the blog and seeing how you are getting there.

I wish I could look into those information charts in more detail to see your process, even they are beautifully designed.

I got a bit carried away with them, but we'll put together all the development art for viewing at the end

What have you done?!

D= Now I can't wait for the awesome!

I don't know if I like this new art style better or not. I mean, both the old and the new styles are great. Also, I'm getting more of a Professor Layton vibe than an Ace Attorney vibe from those screenshots, like it'll maintain the slow and mysterious feel of the first Detective Grimoire but its world will have more motion and life. That's just an assumption but I'm sure it'll be wonderful in any case.

The description you gave is pretty much exactly what we're aiming for - right down to the Layton vs Ace Attorney argument.

Overall I'm just going for unique and memorable