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Back Once Again!

Posted by The-Super-Flash-Bros - October 14th, 2010

Hey guys,

Dim and I have reformed the old band! Well, we never really split up, but what with university and full time contracts, we haven't had much SFB time. But that's all changing! We have some pretty exciting projects coming up, the first one being a game for halloween that we're finishing up now.

More details on that stuff later, but first something I did down in Brighton a few weeks back. No, not men. I was at a conference called Flash on the Beach. This was my second time, and somehow I found myself with a 3 minute presentation slot in Brighton Dome, in front of around 800 people! So I decided to present as3sfxr, my sound generating app/library I wrote last year, and Dim helped me put together some 8-bit graphics (SOME! I did a bunch too!)

And now you can watch it right here!

Turns out people really liked it, so much so that I've been invited back to present for a full hour next year! Which is kinda scary, but an amazing honour.

So that's what I've been up to, more news on games and things very soon.




College is ALWAYS...(and i can probably say this for a lot of us at newgrounds) is a bitch...

well anyway good luck on future projects!

New "Decline of Video Gaming" plz :3

no :)

...back once again for the renegade master, D4 damager, power to the people, back once again for the renegade master, D4 damager, with the ill behavior.


Back4 D4, pow4 pepl, baaaaaaaa, ddddddddd, wwwwwww, paaaaaaaa

Didn't realize that you could import SFX directly through actionscript(and randomly)

That's pretty neat!

Using your 8bit sound generation tool I mean lol

With da ill behaviour

College is ALWAYS ... wait no i never went to university, screw that.

glad to see that life has made time for collaboratin' once again!

Decline of Video Gaming 4 is way overdue, although another one of your point n' click adventures would be awesome.

No pressure.

Oh really? :)

I hope it's James the Halloween Zebra, where James collects candy & avoids bats.


Brothers in arms.

Welcome back.


I know you've probably ignored the other posts about this subject here so far (and you may ignore this one as well), but, are there any possibilities of another decline flash? Or are you just more into making games. You're obviously skilled at both, but still.

Or another.. Another day... but yeah

No Decline, maybe Another Day another day :)


YES OH FUCK YEAH i used to watch youre stuff when i was eleven i first watched decline christmas and since then youve been my favourites im so fucking glad youre back :D:D:D:D:D:DD:D:D:D:D

im glad for ya. Will there be more blue rabbit episodes. Yea i Know, im a little bit too old for that sort of stuff but they are just great.

Old fan, all the way back since 2005 or so?

Good to have you all back, hope you still have your gang with you.
I've been busy with university too, applying to master's soon actually.
You're going to present at a conference? Me too! :D Mine isn't about cool gadgets though. We all kinda... drift away then back again, eh?

After being away for so long, are you guys discontinuing old projects? I have always been keen on Dim's Another Day series, with all those nifty little supporting creatures. Keep making more of those side creatures, and plotlines with emotional impact and I'll refer them over to my friends who are teachers. :) Also, your Decline of Gaming always made me laugh, but I think that is a collaboration project that is going to be discontinued, because your voice actors and collaborators might have left the scene already, or doing their own thing now.

But hey, welcome back! Here's to a great return and a fresh start! Cheers!

-Tip the Jester

another day 9?! deline of video gaming 4?! please? :D

Hell yeah! Your new game rocks! *playing it now, still on Under Judgement though*