Entry #1

We're Off to Comicon!

2007-07-18 17:32:51 by The-Super-Flash-Bros

Hey all,

That's right, Dim and I are soon going to be jetting off to sunny San Diego for some serious nerd action at Comicon! Of course we're not important enough to have a stall or anything, but you'll probably spot us hanging around the NG booth bothering Luis, drinking our imported stash of Relentless and looking terribly British. No monacles though. If you want to help feed our healthy ego's, feel free to ask us to sign something, we'll love you forever!

In other news, we're busy working away on far too many games to be entirely healthy, including my first venture into the realm of AS3. I can't tell you how super-sweet it is! It was so hard to go back to AS2 when working on the other games...

So, hopefully we'll see some of you next week.

Isn't this news thing awesome?



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2007-07-18 17:40:02

coolieo... oh and watch out for luis he likes to pinch your butt. ;D


2007-07-18 17:40:04

Bej I wish I could go to Comic Con :( That sounds like fun. But alas, maybe some other year. Until then I'll stay home and make some games :D (hopefully)


2007-07-18 17:43:16

can you please stop making games and start ranting about them in decline 4!!!


2007-07-18 17:45:10

ill so ask for an autograph of you guys there :)


2007-07-18 17:50:01

Haha! Yo, I'm going to comic con too! I'll make sure to say hi to ya :D


2007-07-18 17:53:34

I wish I could go...


2007-07-18 18:04:06

Can we tell people one of you guys is Liljim?

The-Super-Flash-Bros responds:

Haha, sure! Isn't he comming along? Perhaps with the help of a large trunk and some breathing equipment...


2007-07-18 18:09:08

Its things like this that make me wish i wasnt 14...

i'd give almost anything to go to Comicon or E3... :(
pity i have school + family holidays in Italy *cough*


2007-07-18 18:19:47

Awesome, see you guys there!
This is definitely the biggest gathering of NG artists at one place.


2007-07-18 19:09:26

Lucky gits get to go to CC. =(

Be extra british for me. =)


2007-07-18 19:32:14

Damn you guys are lucky, there's no Comicon in Australia. And I don't really have the time to fly out to America hehe
Have fun.


2007-07-18 19:55:17

This should be interesting.....


2007-07-19 04:00:43

come on u need to bring a monocle


2007-07-19 06:09:44

Please wear a monacle.

I beg of you it will brighten up Luis's day and every one elses.


2007-07-19 10:43:01

comic-con sounds awesome


2007-07-20 02:12:37

I love you. umm I'm not going to comiccon tho XD


2007-07-20 07:32:20

Have fun at Comicon!

Also, Detective Grimoire was great, it really helped to kill the boredom while waiting for the redesign. Well done! =D


2007-07-25 14:52:03

hmm. must be fun. i'll have to head to comic con one year. hope you guys enjoy it.

wind tunnel archives.

P.S. AS3 is pretty sexy. but im used to AS2 too much XP


2007-07-26 10:12:03

Like Decline in live action?


2007-07-27 13:26:09

lol why should tom get a booth you guys should get one


2007-07-28 11:57:01

Haha I'd ask you to sign something.


2007-07-29 07:34:16

Yo guys awsome game and movies u got here plz make more coz im loving um rock on guys .


2007-07-31 11:59:54

i wish i could go there =.= need autographs now...


2007-08-03 18:59:49

i cant wait till comic con!!!!

oh wait.


2007-08-03 20:02:11

What is comic con...

is it like comics of games or marval and all that?

(Even though most good comics are being converted into bloody bad games :@)

well, congrats


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