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2 in the morning

Posted by The-Super-Flash-Bros - August 13th, 2007

I'm animating Another Day 8 like a beast at the moment.

Actually, I'm not even animating. I've -done- all the animation. I'm just going through it "wobbling" everything. Which is simultaneously boring and fun. I included a shot of it. You guys remember Blue Rabbit, right?

Ok, make sure to check out "Transmigration" by monkokio and The Pink Sock.
monkioko is responsible for "The Bounce", the giraffe-based game from which we took our beloved James the Zebra. Its in our favourites.

So, yeah, I got bored/annoyed at 2 in the morning and made this.
This'll teach me to try to animate at 2 in the morning.

See ya!

2 in the morning


Ah... I remember Blue Rabbit. I love the Another Day series. I was amazed with #7 and I can't wait to see #8.

Haha, I remember "The Bounce". It's nice to see monkokio made a new game =)

And that Ctrl + Z thing, I understand completely. It does get tedious... But that movie is kinda funny. It's pretty impressive for something you just whipped up at 2 in the morning.

I'm glad some people are looking forward to a new Another Day. Its been a year and a half since the last one...


Always gotta give props to creative outlets for frusteration and sleeplessness.


Thanks for the two little plus symbols, Luis.


Hah! I know that feeling well. :)

BTW - if you want to try a "cheap" way to wiggle your characters... It isn't as trippy as when you do it manually, but maybe for less important shots it would speed up production - what I do is draw the character once, then put it on three keyframes. I then use the optimize vector tool (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C) and do a VERY TINY optimization on the second frame and a slightly less tiny one on the third frame. The end result is (not as good looking) squiggly characters, like in my Luis Day movie and my Blamformers contributions. God bless Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C! :)

Ah, I noticed you had wiggly characters in your Luis Day movie. Did you know the technique is actually called "boiling"? Thanks for the tips Tom!

I'll probably keep doing it by hand, even if it takes forever. Tom has suggested doing it with ActionScript, but I said NO! Each background and character must be hand drawn, by me, at least 4 times or it just wouldn't be Another Day.

Thanks for the comment!

Love you guys ^_^

Nice to hear that more Another Day movies are on the way (ZOMG rhyme). Any other projects at the moment?

About that Ctrl+Z thing, I totally understand. Don't know what I'd do without the undo option.

yeah that always happens to me, im in that exact same position since im also a leftie... its really annoying how many times one can repeat the same god damn brosh stroke....

why is tom teaching animation techniques.... wtf is this world coming to.

Funny thing is that sometimes, I am at my best at 2 in the morning. Cool toon.

Yeah, I guess. It was that crazy "2 in the morning" kind of energy that made me create a tiny cartoon. If I had gotten bored/annoyed during the day, I'd prob just leave the computer and go play on the PS2 or something.


I beg to differ. I work well at two in the morning.

CTRL+Z should just be a button on the mouse.

If you're using the mouse, I guess. I just feel wrong if my hand isn't resting on my keyboard though.

On my Intuos I set up the little keys on the side so that one of them is Undo. But I hardly ever use it, I like my Graphire...



Hah, It's looking pretty amazing, my friend. I use a Graphire 6X8.

Graphire <3

Now you've done it!
There's now 2 flash responses to this, other by luis, other by the other guy.
Soon this thing will be out of control!

BTW I like more using L = Cut-tool to cut the bad parts of my line.

Wow Another Day 8 looks amazing can't wait for it to be released. I guess I should go buy some popcorn. The Ctrl + Z flash was really interesting and some what funny. I liked how at the end Ctrl + Z is pressed and the movie loops. It is nice to see a short flash for you and it would be awesome to see more short flashes from you.

I take it you've seen Luis' contribution by now :P Here's another one <a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/393190">http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /393190</a> :)

Good luck with Another Day 8. I can't wait for it to come out. :D

yay blue rabbit!

Cool, i like it.

I have it too... if you wish to see it agin pay me 10 Grand on 1's and 5's

Each week I'll post a body part of blue rabbit in the royal mail


lulz @ Ctrl Z XD

I know the feeling when your doin tedious work and that button comes mighty handy

Also, just beause you've heard it a trillion times, doesn't mean it's enough
-= Decline 4 =-
*Gets Shot by JT and his light gun from Dec. Xmas*

Your finaly making a new another day episode thatnk god! i luv blue rabbit nuber 7 was awsome i luv em all! its the best non vilote series on ng and i luv the game the effects rule and the game was really fun! hope you make another !!!

Hey on decline 3 when you tell us to look at the plants i dont see anything...

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