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Comic-Con Antics

Posted by The-Super-Flash-Bros - August 5th, 2007

Hey all,

Having returned from San Diego via a 14 hour flight earlier this week, it's understandable that we're suffering from jetlag. Not that we're lazy! We've put together a great big page all about our adventures, with photos for added fun:

Super happy Comic-Con page

Let us know what you think, especially if it's compliments on our rugged British good looks.

See you soon, sooner if you're coming to the UK meetup!

Tom & Dim-


Im gonna steal some of your photos... sorry.

that james the zebra figurine looked pretty neat

Thanks. He met more people than we did, somehow.


catherine taber is hot, looks like you had an awesome time :D

It was so weird to talk to her about FFXII. We both agreed it needed more dialogue.


That pic of Tom in the bar reveals the stalker in you.

What are the airline regulations for bring a Zebra on an international flight?

It took 8 hours but we managed to convince customs he was only a rubber model.


who made james the rubber zebra?

I made him out of this Clay/Femo-type stuff that hardens to rubber in the oven. He has a tin-foil interior so is -impossible- to break, even when dropped. And he was dropped.


Ooh, I'm tempted by this UK Meetup thing now.
I trust that cheapass US prices meant you bought a load of overseas DS games (when I was in the US this May, I got Kirby, Trauma Centre and WarioWare Twisted (which isn't even out in the UK).
ps. Lol, DS Internet Browser. (Totally blows that there's no Flash support at all.)

so you couldnt convince customs that blue rabbit was a rubber model

who is Blue Rabbit?

I decied to read the entire blog and comic-con looked like it was pretty fun. and just one other question is that you on the comic-cam? (on the newgrounds cams section)

lol! You recreated splash attack!

Glad you had a nice time =D

Nice collection fellas, great chillin out at the Con with y'alls. Never forget what you saw in the paper box at the chinese restaurant!

Sneaky Swain had to grab that last check at Last Resort before ol' generous Dan could get to it. I've never fought so hard to pay for something in my life.

Now let's see a live-photo-sprite game with James the Rubber Zebra, yes?

Ah yes, I remember it. Thanks for that! you paid for my headache-inducing pink lemonade. Hope she didn't charge you per straw ^_-

Live-photo sprites? Intriguing. Maybe in some sort of paper world...
Technically I'd have to model a new James for every different pose. Oh, yeah, sounds easy...


james the zebra is so cute <3 too bad i didnt run into him... or you, but james means more to me, sorry :C. lol.

were you in comic con on friday and saturday also?

It was good meeting up with you guys, even if I did only understand half the things you said :D

Damn! I wish I were famous.

Hey guys, this i the firs I've heard of a UK meetup, when's it happening? I'll forum search that mother...

of comic con?

where will it be?

and us brits ant always good looking, David beckham is uugh

nice picture (the one with james and blue rabbit on the side there) it looks pretty neato.

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