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Haunt the House: Terrortown out on PC!

11/2/13 by The-Super-Flash-Bros

Hello everyone!

So Dim and I are still out here making games, as a part of the industry we once so cruelly mocked. Thursday was a big milestone for us though, our first commercial game for PC!

Haunt the House: Terrortown is a sequel to the Flash game you might have played here 3 Halloweens ago, and while it's been out on PS Vita since January, not all to many people have Vitas so we decided to release it for Windows and Mac too!

We're self publishing it via the Humble store on our own site, so 95% of each sale goes straight to us, to help us make more games.

Some of you might have seen that Danny and Ross from Game Grumps/Steam Train did a great video of them playing the game, if not you should check it out.

Otherwise, check out the site, and if you like the look of it, maybe pick up a copy!


Haunt the House: Terrortown out on PC!


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Loving this game, it's exactly what the first HTH did, just bigger and better.
Anyways, are you still doing the detective Grimoire thing? Or is that restricted information?
Whatever, just keep up the good work, and good luck with the publicity Game Grumps and PewDiePie are doing :D

Well this sucks,I have no money and I though it was gonna be on Browser or download it

Recently bought this game, and I love it! Few questions though:

1: Any tips on how I can get above a C rating?

2: Is it possible to kill anyone other than the 9 people in the portrait?

Man I played that flash game 3 years ago..feels like yesterday haha.

I actually just found the original game about a month ago, so I'm excited to see there's a sequel now! Your projects in the past really influenced me and my friends. Big fan of SFB.



Heard about this through game grumps. It looked fun.



Had no idea you guys were still on Newgrounds



Will we be able to play as the Game Grumps on the version we buy?

11/2/13 The-Super-Flash-Bros responds:

Well that's a tricky one. Technically the grumps are still in there, just locked off. It's up to Arin if we're allowed to let people use them, but he's off on his honeymoon right now and there's no way I'm going to interrupt that with this question! So once he gets back, he can let us know if we have permission or not, then we'll either do an update to unlock them, or we won't! I'm hoping for the first one...